There is a place within each of us, a place beyond boundaries, limitations, failures, successes, right or wrong, good or bad. This is the place from whence we came and this is place to which we will return. While in this body on Earth, we can choose to tap into this energy. We can feel it when we look into the eyes of a baby. We feel it when we stand upon a cliff high on a mountain and empty our mind, feeling the breeze on our face, the air in our lungs, and the sun on our skin. We feel it when we listen to a piece of music that resonates in the deepest part of soul, or overcome an insurmountable obstacle in life. We feel it when we make love to a soulmate, or when we meditate and commune with the pure love, the pure bliss that embodies the universe. This energy is always present, and is always available if we choose to tune in. It's the voice in our mind that whispers to come closer... It hints and giggles around something more... Something. beyond... Something we have yet to know, and has been there the whole time. The true manifestation of our highest potential that can unfold every moment if we allow it. When we tune into this Divine Essence, we have begun to commune with the vibrational freequency. As more tap into this energy, the freequency grows stronger, creating a web of ascended consciousness on an organic level within communities. To reach the Freequency Is to know absolute abundance, unbridled connection, unhindered unconditional love, consuming clarity, and undeniable truth. 

we are limitless.